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Breakfast Program

We are part of a Rocky View Schools initiative where, with the help of grants from Alberta Education and Breakfast Clubs Canada, funds are provided to help run our breakfast program.

Daily, from 7:45-8:00, our Breakfast Program is open to all RancheView students who wish to have a healthy bite to eat.

We know that good nutrition helps with solid learning.  We also recognize that building community within our school is just as important.  This morning ritual offers a safe place for our students to come together to eat or simply socialize.  Do all students need the food? Should we be the ones to determine this need?  Do all students need to feel a sense of belonging?  Can we create an atmosphere where these needs can be met?  This is our goal!

We are thrilled that last school year we had approximately 180 students take part daily!

Examples of food we provide include apple slices and cheese, pumpkin dip with graham crackers, homemade breakfast cookies with orange slices. We are very thankful to Ms. Smith for doing all this for our students!


Office Fruit Bowl

There is a big bowl of fruit in the office available to all students.  Below are some points illustrating the purpose of this fruit bowl ~ in the words of a Wrangler Leader!

  • The purpose of the fruit bowl is to feed people who really need it because they don't have food in their lunch, are hungry and need energy to power through the day.
  • Eat the food you brought to school before eating from the fruit bowl.
  • Fruit is healthy and good for you, but not free.
  • Keep in mind there is limited amount of fruit.  If you take 2 pieces, you might be taking fruit from another person who really needs it.
  • Think about if you "need it" or "want it". Self-regulation is important.
  • Ask parents to pack fruit for your lunch.
  • If you forget your lunch, call your parents to bring you lunch.
  • Only use the office fruit bowl as your emergency source.


Social Story

Welcome to RancheView School!  To ease the transition to joining our school, some families find it helpful for their children to become familiar with some of our spaces and staff.  This social story coloring book has been created to help!


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