Student Absence Procedures

Please email or call 403-932-9811 before 7:30 AM or 12:00 PM to report a student absence or late.

The following information should be left on the message:

  • students first and last name
  • teacher's name
  • reason for the absence and duration if known

In the event that your child is absent and not accounted for, you will be contacted by our automated attendance system.

If your child is going to be away for several days, please let the office know in advance.  Teachers also appreciate an email or note in the student agenda to explain any special circumstances pertaining to an absence (e.g. lengthy or regular absences).

Student Sign In & Out

Sign Out:

When picking up your child during school hours, please come directly to the office. To maximize learning time, students will be called down once they have been signed out at the office.

Sign In:

If your child is late or returning from being signed out, please come directly to the office.  Students will be given a stamp to show their teacher that they have checked in at the office.

Students are not allowed to leave the school premises at any time unless they:

  • are picked up by their parent/guardian or emergency contact
  • are under the direct supervision of a teacher (see Extracurricular Authorization/Waiver Forms)
  • have a note, dated and signed by the parent. We request that permission by parents not be given unless special circumstances exist.
  • live within walking distance of the school and have permission to go home for lunch with this form.
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