Fundraising Society


All Parents/Guardians of RancheView Students.

Executive Board Members

Aaron Gertzen, President

Ingrid Fitzpatrick, Vice President

Rochelle Snively, Secretary

Tiffany Roberts, Treasurer

Chelsea McFayden, Director At Large

Casey Roberts, Director-at-Large


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Fundraising 2020-2021

Purdys Chocolate Fundraiser - Orders Due March 20

  • RancheView School Fundraising Society has partnered again with Purdys Chocolate, just in time for Easter! If you’d like to support us through purchasing some very sweet Easter gifts for friends, family and yourself, please click the link below.
  • After you’ve signed in you can buy our amazing chocolates and invite others to join and support our Fundraising Campaign through your personal link. (It is important to use your own personal link and not forward this email, as their orders need to be tracked to you for easy pickup)
  • The order deadline is March 20. RVS requires that once the shipment arrives, it is isolated for 3 days, and then our fundraising society volunteers, wearing masks, with regularly washed hands, will sort the orders, before making contactless deliveries on April 1st and 2nd.
  • If you have any questions please send an email to


Mabel's Labels - just go to and choose 'support a fundraiser' then select 'RancheView' in the drop down list! You will have access to the exclusive Fundraising Combo Pack, as well as all the other products at their regular prices, with a portion of your purchase going towards RancheView Fundraising.


Textile Bin - is located outside the school, and collects bagged textiles - clothing, bedding, towels, shoes (in pairs). No books please! RancheView Fundraising is receives funds monthly and the bin is emptied weekly.


Bottle Donations - The RancheView School Fundraising Society has partnered with SkipTheDepot!

What is SkipTheDepot? A door-to-door bottle collection service that makes refundable recycling and fundraising easier than 1,2,3

  1. Download the app or use the link and book a pickup using
  2. Place your bags outside
  3. Receive refund and donate to RancheView School Fundraising Society!

SkipTheDepot will allow everyone to donate directly to fundraising for RancheView students with ease.

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