Traffic Safety at RancheView

With the colder weather upon us, we are seeing an increase in families choosing to drive their children to school. As many of you know, it is VERY busy around RancheView School.

Everyone is asked to please be patient, keep a watchful eye out for pedestrians and crossing guards and adhere to the law. You are reminded that it is illegal to park within 5 metres of a crosswalk, as well as illegal to park IN the crosswalk.

Everyone is trying their best around the school, so please be mindful of how you conduct yourself even when you're running late.

Below is a letter from the RCMP about traffic laws. Please read through carefully as it clearly explains a specific issue we are dealing with. Crossing guards will be calling the RCMP with formal complaints and licence plate numbers when traffic violations occur. The safety of our students, your children, is paramount along with the safety of staff as they volunteer to help the children arrive and depart safely.

Please read the following RCMP Traffic Letter for more information.

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