Pick Up of Belonging June 3

Appointments need to be booked through Conference Manager

Student Belonging Pick Up - June 3

  • With confirmation that schools will be closed to the public for the remainder of this school year, we have scheduled an additional day where families can retrieve their child's belongings that remain at the school.  This will take place on June 3.

  • If weather does not permit, our back up pick up date is June 8.

  • Booking a time

  1. For this round of pick-ups we are using the online booking system, Conference Manager.  You will be familiar with this system as we typically use it for student learning showcases.

  2. Please click here to book a time on June 3 when you are able to come to the school to pick up your child's belongings.

  3. Use the comments section to identify your child's name and homeroom when booking your pick up time.

  • On the Pick-Up Day

  1. Upon arrival please proceed to the Gym entrance at the back of the school where staff members will assist you.
  2. Please remember to follow social distancing rules when waiting outside the school and know that staff will be collecting the bag of belongings and bring it to you.
  3. No one will be permitted in the school.
  4. Rest assured, if you cannot pick up items on this day, all belongings will be retained until the school reopens.
  5. For families leaving the RancheView community and are not able to pick up belongings on June 3, once the school re-opens you will be able to drop by the school anytime to pick up your child’s belongings. We will retain their things for two weeks after the school re-opens.
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