Are you moving?

If your family has moved, or is planning a move, please notify the office.

If your family is moving, please email the office at with the following information.

  1. The date that the new address comes into effect.
  2. The complete new address - Please note:  Rocky View Schools requires a new proof of address with each address change. This image/document (a photograph of a utility bill, lease/purchase agreement is fine) can be attached to the email.
  3. List the names of each of the family members that will be moving to the new address.  If one of the parents/guardians is not moving to the new address we will leave them listed at the original address until a new one is provided.
  4. Clearly list any new phone numbers for each family member

Thank you for taking the time to send us your information! By updating this information in a timely manner, you are helping keep our data up to date.  This allows the school to get a hold of you or an emergency contact as quickly as possible during an emergency.

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