Social/Emotional Support

There are a variety of small groups offered to students to help build up their social and emotional skills. Groups are designed based on student needs.

Stress Busters:

  • Week #1- what is stress, what are my stressors
  • Week #2- Levels of stress, Where I feel stress in my body, Fight/Flight/Freeze
  • Week #3- How thoughts cause feelings- choice over thoughts (positive/negative)
  • Week #4- Common thinking traps, How to replace worry thoughts with positive thoughts
  • Week #5- Thought inspection- how to challenge negative thinking
  • Week #6- Coping Strategies- Deep Breathing, Be Mindful, Squeeze a ball or fidget, Visualization
  • Week #7- Coping Strategies cont. - Exercise/physical activity, Journal. Keys to Conflict/ "I "message
  • Week #8- Wrap up- take home glitter jar and key ring with coping strategies


Friendship/Social Skills

Qualities of a good friend, What makes me unique, how to make a friend, Cooperation, Conflict resolution, common friendship problems and so on.


Positive Self

Focus on being your best self. Topics covered are around self-esteem, physical and mental health, communication, problem solving and confidence.


Worry Warriors

For the little wrangles, Worry Warriors teaches about your worry monster and how to tame it. We learn skills such as belly breathing, why we worry and what we feel, as well as other topics.


Fantastic Friends

For the little wrangles, Fantastic Friends is centred around the importance of play on social emotional development. We come together, play some games, and make some new friends! We have brief lessons about how to make friends, how to solve conflict and how to apologies.


Social Detectives

For the little wrangles, Social Detectives teaches social skills in a small group setting. It teaches the kids how to read other's body language, what "unexpected" vs "expected" behaviours are, and how to control emotions such as anger and excitement. We learn how to solve social clues and use our magnifying glasses for social scavenger hunts!

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