Social/Emotional Support

There are a variety of small groups offered to students to help build up their social and emotional skills. Groups are designed based on student needs. This year there are 3 groups being offered to grade 4-8:

Stress Busters:

  • Week #1- what is stress, what are my stressors
  • Week #2- Levels of stress, Where I feel stress in my body, Fight/Flight/Freeze
  • Week #3- How thoughts cause feelings- choice over thoughts (positive/negative)
  • Week #4- Common thinking traps, How to replace worry thoughts with positive thoughts
  • Week #5- Thought inspection- how to challenge negative thinking
  • Week #6- Coping Strategies- Deep Breathing, Be Mindful, Squeeze a ball or fidget, Visualization
  • Week #7- Coping Strategies cont. - Exercise/physical activity, Journal. Keys to Conflict/ "I "message
  • Week #8- Wrap up- take home glitter jar and key ring with coping strategies


Friendship/Social Skills

Qualities of a good friend, What makes me unique, how to make a friend, Cooperation, Conflict resolution, common friendship problems and so on.


Positive Self

Focus on being your best self. Topics covered are around self-esteem, physical and mental health, communication, problem solving and confidence.


Worry Warriors

The grade 2 group wrapped up by making their own worry dolls.

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