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  • We believe that we can make a difference in our world. We will be environmental leaders working together to make our community a better place. We will learn skills to help us be responsive citizens in our world.  We believe that RancheView will be OUR school where we all know we belong and are excited to come on a daily basis. We will know that we have a voice and can inspire ourselves and each other to always be the best that we can be. We believe that learning should be FUN so we will look for every opportunity to bring "play" into our days. We believe that creativity and wonder has to be foundational to our learning.
  • We inspire each other, we find inspiration within and we are open to being inspired! We inspire a love of learning, a love for our community, a love for our environment and a love for leading. We are inspired to face learning head on, to challenge the status quo, to be risk takers and to always look for possibilities. As collaborators and co-creators of our learning, inspiration is part of our fabric.
  • We learn about leadership and the environment. RancheView teachers will design learning to make it meaningful, hands on and engaging. RancheView students will be empowered to take ownership for their learning and be inspired to share their learning beyond our community. This means they will connect with others in a variety of ways including face to face interactions and through social media; we will document our learning and showcase it using our website and inviting people to come to our learning community to see first hand what we are learning. We will be leaders of our own learning. Our teachers will share their practices, and continue their own learning in diverse ways, including learning walks, attending conferences and/or workshops, book studies, etc. They’ll even tell us about their learning!
  • We respond to the individual needs of all learners by ensuring that learning is personalized and is relevant to our interests and our needs. We know that we are learning because of the constant feedback we receive through various assessment formats. We question our learning and hope to find more questions to our questions. We are flexible in our thinking and open to new ways of trying things. Because we are leaders, we respond accordingly.
  • We Lead ... regardless of our age, we are leaders! We know that each of us comes with leadership skills.  While at RancheView we will be empowered to find these skills and develop new ones.  We can be empowered to find the greatness within ourselves, and in others, so we can all be outstanding leaders in our community!


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