Sickness at School

We are very grateful to our community for adhering to protocol that has been outlined to us by Rocky View Schools, who is following direction from AHS.

This is the time of year when children and staff tend to get cold like symptoms so the increased chances of children needing to be absent is on the rise.

Rocky View schools has had their scenario 1 re-entry plan on the website since prior to school starting. There is now an updated plan called “In School Learning” that you will find on their website

This plan now has a flow chart called “Should I go to school today?” It has been posted on our school’s front page at I would encourage you to print this off and have it handy in case you are wondering whether or not you should keep your child home from school. The plan also explains what we as Albertans are legally required to do should we be experiencing ANY symptoms that are connected to COVID. Please use this chart if you wonder whether or not your child should attend school.

While at school, if a child shares or complains that they are not feeling well, the following happens:

  • Teacher calls the office and shares the identified symptoms.
  • A secretary gowns up (as per RVS protocol) and goes to the classroom to bring the child to the infirmary and waits there until a parent/caregiver arrives.
  • When the parent/caregiver arrives, they are instructed to park on the street by the arch and call the school (403-932-9811). A staff member will bring your child to your vehicle. Please do not enter the school.
  • Another secretary phones home to share the symptoms with the parent/caregiver and asks that the child is picked up within the hour (as per RVS protocol).
  • The homeroom class heads outside for a 20-30 min break (in colder/wet weather, they will go to the gym or learning commons).
  • Another secretary contacts our head building operator who goes into the classroom with cleaner to spray down the room.
  • The class returns to their room after the cleaning and drying takes place (the process take 15-20 minutes).

When the secretary calls home, she reminds parents to look at the “Should I go to school” flow chart for the parent/caregiver to determine next steps.

If your child has pre-existing conditions that appear to be COVID or cold like symptoms (especially allergies), please ensure you read through the scenario 1 plan so you are aware of what you need to do and communicate to the school so you are not called regularly to pick up your child.

We are all in this together and by working together, we will continue to help keep everyone safe.

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