Casino Volunteers Needed!

RancheView School has a Casino Fundraiser on July 26 and 27 at Century Casino


We are still short several volunteers for our upcoming casino.


This event is a significant fundraiser for RancheView school (current payout to schools is approx. $40,000) and your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Funds from this casino event will be directed to projects such as:

  1. Outdoor Education programming, supplies, and equipment (cross-country skis, etc.)
  2. Additional books for classrooms/learning commons
  3. Climbing wall expansion

Anyone over the age of 18 can volunteer.  Only certain positions are limited to RancheView parents... Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, friends who are able to help can fill other roles. Here are specific details about each Casino Volunteer Position


If you can help, please sign up here:

Volunteer Information

  • We will provide you with lunch or dinner.  The casino provides a fully stocked volunteer lounge with complimentary coffee.
  • Key positions of General Manager, Banker, Cashier and Count Room Supervisor must be held by RancheView parents.  All other positions can be held by anyone meeting the volunteer requirements.
  • Training and support will be provided by an experienced, licensed casino advisor in both the cage and the count room who will train you, support your work, and make the experience one that you will want to repeat.
  • Must possess photo id and keep with you at all times
  • Must be at least 18 years of age and able to pass a security clearance check
  • The casino control system is computerized. If you can use an ATM banking machine, you will feel comfortable with the system and the equipment.
  • Volunteer dress is Casual Business Dress.
    • Please, NO shorts, jeans, T-shirts, leggings, athletic wear, or revealing clothing. Please note that the casinos have a fragrance-free policy: please, no perfumes, fragrances or scents.
  • Volunteers ARE NOT ALLOWED TO PLAY any casino game, VLT or slot machine on each of the full two days of the casino, whether or not you are working shifts (Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission regulations).
  • "Volunteers cannot be under the influence of alcohol, or consume liquor, or use illicit substance before or during their shift." (AGLC CTCOG 2.6.4 [d])
  • Volunteering at the casino is easy and fun. You will get time for breaks and meals.
  • Volunteering at the casino is as safe as possible. You can be walked to your car if you wish.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Aaron Gertzen
Casino Chair
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