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2019-20 Session 1 Gr 7/8 CTF Option Selections

Grade 7/8 Deadline for form submission - September 11 , 2019 (end of day)

Instructions for completing the option form:

STEP #1 – Make sure all users are logged off all Gmail accounts. Have your child log into their Google account using their email address ( and their password (student number).

If your child cannot remember their student number you may contact the office for assistance.

STEP #2 - Click on the link below to access the online form.

Grade 7/8 Session 1 Option Selection Link

STEP #3 – Read through the instructions and option descriptions and then rank the options for each term. Band A students will only choose B options, and Band B students will only choose A options.

If you have any issues completing the form please e-mail and we will be happy to help you.

Homeroom teachers will confirm placements with students at and course fees if applicable, will be invoiced through SchoolCash at this time.

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