Grade 7 & 8 Options

CTF is designed to provide student leaders with opportunities to pursue areas that they are interested in and to develop skills in that area.  In addition, CTF courses are designed to allow them to look ahead towards the career connections that exist if the subject matter at hand is of real interest.  Over the course of time, student leaders will have exposure to many interests and career connections.

Further information on the CTF model can be found at the following website

RancheView leaders will register each term in two CTF courses choosing from Human Services, Resources, Technology, Communications and Business.  The exceptions to this are Band and French, which are both full year options.

Information about CTF for grade 7 & 8 in Term 1 (2018-19) can be found here.

Click here for course descriptions for Term 1 2018-19.  A copy of the CTF course selection form can be found here.



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