Lunch Time


RancheView is a Closed Campus school.  This means students are not permitted to leave the campus unless they are going home for lunch.

Going Home for Lunch

If your child will be going home for lunch, please complete this form and submit it to the office so we are aware of students’ whereabouts during lunch time.


The canteen is open Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (when there is no Fun Lunch).

Menu can be found here.

There will be a maximum of two "treat days" per month. Typically these will occur on Fridays when there is no Fun Lunch. Students will be permitted to purchase a limit of one fun treat. They will not be allowed to purchase a second treat 'for a friend'.

Boomerang Lunch

We are a litterless school and ask that everyone brings a boomerang lunch. This means that all potential garbage brought with snacks or lunch returns home, like a boomerang!  We will have recycling for paper, plastics and drink containers.

Where Students Eat

During lunch, all food and drinks will be consumed in the classroom.
No food is allowed outside to support having no litter on our grounds.

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