Box of Cards Fundraiser

School Council in partnership with RancheView Fundraising Society is organizing a Big Box of Cards fundraiser.

An attractive keepsake box of cards contains 30 all occasion cards that are of the highest craftsmanship and quality of materials. Card categories include:

  • Birthday
  • Wedding
  • Get Well
  • Thank You
  • New Home
  • Congratulations
  • New Baby
  • Blank

The starter box must be returned IF you are not ordering any boxes, otherwise keep it and you can deliver it to one of your customers. (Please keep it in good shape!)

Returned boxes must contain all 33 cards.

All order forms must be returned to your classroom teacher by March 26, 2018.

Payment must be made via

Extra order forms are available here.


The following rewards can be earned for all RancheView Wranglers to enjoy based on total school profit from this event.

Profit Level



Pajama and/or Hat Day


Gum Day (gum provided)


$350 worth of outdoor recess equipment


Freezie Day


Classroom Movie Day (popcorn provided)


Thank you for your participation in this fundraising campaign! Please remember that all funds raised will go directly towards initiatives that benefit the students.

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