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What's Happening

The Scholastic Book Fair book sale is Coming Soon… October 25 and 26, 2017

Volunteer! https://goo.gl/forms/w4X3749PAJVCcx6f1

Please help us make this fundraiser for the Learning Commons a success!

When can I buy books?

Families can visit during the Student Learning Showcases on:
Wed, Oct 25 & Thurs, Oct 26 from 4-7 pm

Students can bring money to buy books during school hours on:
Thur, Oct 26

*Kindergarten families can visit the Book Fair during Kindergarten showcases
-Thur, Oct 26, 8:30am-3pm


Use Koha to see what books are in the Learning Commons. Log in to see what you have borrowed.

Koha Online Catalogue

Login using your 'rvschools' account.

Every RancheView leader can have two books from the Learning Commons. Overdue notices are sent to leaders' @rvschools email account.

Online Information

Our student leaders and adult leaders can get current, relevant, authoritative, accurate and fit for purpose information online! You don't need to figure out if that web page you 'googled' is a good one. Use these links instead:

Rocky View School District Resources
RVSD lists the online information available and also lists good websites to use that have access to free, credible information.


Online Reference Centre Databases
Learn Alberta - Online Reference Centre

Learn Alberta gives access to all students, teachers, and parents in Alberta. If you need the login information, please contact your teacher or Ms. Wise.

If you need help figuring out what database to use, go to the ORC support site.
ORC Support Site



The RancheView Learning Commons happily accepts donations. Here are some guidelines for books we can use:

      • Excellent condition
      • Prefer from no-pet, no-smoking homes
      • Less than 5 years old or hardcover


We have been able to add over 100 donated books to the Learning Commons and at least that many have beenadded to classroom libraries! A huge thank you to all who have donated so far.


The RancheView Learning Commons also happily accepts help! Please email Ms. Wise if you are interested in helping shelve books, shelf read (put books back in order), repair books, generally tidy the shelves, or help with other projects.



Mon-Fri: 8:30am  - 2:30 pm



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