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Grade 7 LA, SS, Science, PE, Health, Drama, and Pottery

I am very excited to team teach the Grade 7's with Mr. Kempster, Mrs. Taylor, and Mr. Lam this year! Our school is focused on helping each student recognize themselves as leaders and developing the skills and attitudes that they’ll need to impact the world around them.



Tips for Parents:

A family atmosphere prevails at our school with the education of your child being a shared responsibility.  We encourage your interest in what your child does each day and welcome your involvement in the classroom, school council, and at home.

  1. Set aside a regular time to do homework each day. Each student has their own Google account where they can access e-mail, drives, documents, calendars, and core subject resources. All core subject assignments are resources are updated on Google Classroom. Double check the google calendar to ensure that they are looking ahead to set priorities for upcoming assignments.

  2. A regular routine of home reading is still expected at this level!  Students should be reading for at least 20 min. every day. Reading novels, magazines, graphic novels, instruction manuals, recipes, or even reviewing the day’s work all count as reading. Get them reading what they love!

  3. Play a board or card game with your child to help build their numeracy and problem-solving skills.

  4. Get your child to showcase what they’ve been working on. Each student can show you their work in the classes on-line through their Google account. Please get your child to show you where the course resources are.

  5. Check out the Learn Alberta website for learning activities to do at home.
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